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September 12, 2013

On a gorgeous Monday night, my friend Lauren and I grabbed an al fresco seat at Fish Bar in Lakeview. Even after three years of living near the restaurant, I still never had the chance to check it out. Fish Bar has an adorable sidewalk cafe that is roped off and comes complete with wooden picnic tables, making you feel like you're on your own private dock. The menu is definitely best shared and offers a selection of chowders, ceviches, sandwiches, and salads. We started our meal off with beers, however.

Because mason jars make everything taste better
We ordered a handful of plates to share that spanned a variety of seafood types. First, we had the daily ceviche with octopus and golden grape tomatoes. The ceviche is bound to be different every time you dine at Fish Bar!

Daily Ceviche
Our server also brought us a complimentary bite of something seafood. I have no idea what it was, but it was tasty and resembled the ceviche we tried. I will eat anything served on a saltine.

Some Seafood on a Cracker!
No trip to a seafood bar is complete without some oysters. We tried a half dozen of East Coast and West Coast varieties. You could tell these babies were fresh and I enjoyed the little seawood presentation.

East & West Coast Oysters
I had heard a rumor that Fish Bar serves up a mean lobster roll. Well, that rumor is true. Yes, it's pricey, but it's also perfectly-sized for sharing! The bread was lightly toasted and spread with Hellman's mayo, without being too heavy. You could taste the saltiness of the lobster which wasn't overshadowed by the buttery bread that held the masterpiece together.

Lobster Roll
Last but not least, we ordered a pair of fish tacos. The fish used in the tacos varies daily and I believe we had mahi mahi. Although there are only two tacos per order, the size of the fish was nice. I'd probably skip these next time.

Fish Tacos

If you're looking for some fresh seafood in the city, I'd say Fish Bar is a safe bet. You can really tell they pride themselves on offering seafood that's shipped in daily. You'd probably be able to have an entirely different meal everytime you dine, since everything is so seasonal.

I'm giving Fish Bar four ghosts for their focus on freshness, super cute outdoor dining space, and friendly servers. Beware, the restaurant is small, and so are the plates. Have a snack beforehand and be mentally prepared to wait. It's worth it.

Fish Bar
2956 N. Sheffield
Chicago, IL 60657
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