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October 24, 2013

Last week I was unintentionally drowning in a sea of cookies. I decided to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to share with friends, when I accidentally tripled the recipe! Yes, it was a total accident. I was following the recipe on my phone, when I started cracking four eggs and thought to myself, wow four eggs is a lot of eggs for one batch of cookies. I ended up with 80 cookies--the sweetest mistake one could make! Luckily I had enough other ingredients on hand to make the more than six dozen cookies!

Cookies for days...
That was Monday. On Thursday, I discovered a sweet surprise, gourmet cookie and brownie company Cheryl's had sent me two dozen of their specialty cookies. What was one to do with so many cookies?!

Cheryl's sweet treats
The first gift was cookies from Cheryl's Gourmet Cookie Club which included 12 individually-wrapped cookies. This gift (perfect for anyone, or just yourself) is only $12 + shipping each month and includes one dozen cookies. Each flavor is well-matched to the month in which it is delivered:

December - Peppermint Chocolate
January - Cocoa Sugar
February - Chocolate Chip
March - Chocolate Mint Chip
April -  Sugar
May - Oatmeal Raisin
June - Honey Roasted Peanut Butter
July - Lemon Coconut
August - Peach Cobbler
September - Maple Brown Sugar
October - Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
November - Snickerdoodle

I loved the variety of flavors and appreciated not having to wait a full year to try all 12!

The second gift of cookies were Cheryl's signature buttercream-frosted cookies. These are my personal favorite and I've sent them as gifts to friends on several occasions. Cheryl's also offers a Buttercream Club, a seasonal club that includes a holiday-themed cut-out cookie, sent six times per year. Each delivery includes two dozen individually-wrapped cookies with designs including hearts for Valentine's Day and eggs for Easter. The cost is $19.99 + shipping for each shipment. Since we are only a week away from Halloween, I received the Halloween pumpkin cut-out cookies. I loved how fresh the cookies were and the frosting was just sweet enough without making me feel like I was getting a cavity.

If you're looking to surprise someone with a sweet treat, or if you're feeling extra indulgent, consider joining one of these cookie clubs!

Note: Cheryl's sent me complementary cookies, however, opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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