A Match Made in Sugary Heaven

October 27, 2013

Red Velvet with Cajeta & Maple Bacon with Banana Bread

Whenever there is a one-of-a-kind food offering, I always make sure to join in on the fun. That was especially the case when two Chicago businesses joined forces to create a sweet treat to make any foodie cry tears of sweet, sweet joy. Local doughnut shop, Glazed & Infused and local gelato shop, Black Dog Gelato, combined the fruits of their labor to create unique doughnut-gelato sandwiches. The pair teamed up in August and the response was so overwhelming, they decided to repeat the collaboration. This time around, customers could pre-order their sandwiches for take out, rather than having to wait in line. So that's exactly what I did. The flavors this month included four varieties:

  • Apple with chai spice
  • Red velvet with cajeta
  • Pumpkin with Irish cream
  • Maple bacon banana bread

It was a tough decision but I ordered one maple bacon banana bread (my favorite doughnut at Glazed & Infused is the mammoth maple bacon) and one red velvet with cajeta. Each doughnut was carefully sliced in half and filled with generous scoops of gelato. The maple bacon had three scoops that were practically busting out the sides. The BF and I enjoyed both by splitting them in half, because sharing is caring. Even one half of these sandwiches was enough to keep you feeling uncomfortably full.

Maple Bacon Banana Bread
The peppery bacon was a nice savory contrast to the sweet maple glaze on top of the doughnut. This was my first time trying Black Dog Gelato and it was incredible. The banana bread flavor worked well--it had a simple sweetness which I appreciated, considering the sweetness of the doughnut walls that contained it. It was rich and smooth, while still maintaining a light feel.

Red Velvet with Cajeta & Maple Bacon Banana Bread
The red velvet doughnut had a slight red velvet flavor that was amplified by the cream cheese frosting on top. The light frosting was perfect with the cake texture of the doughnut. The cajeta gelato was a light, caramel flavor, that didn't taste artificial. As with the maple bacon doughnut sandwich, the sweetness of the gelato didn't overpower the sweetness of the doughnut.

Overall, if you can get your hands on one of these doughnut gelato sandwiches, you have to do it. Rarely does a dessert pairing come along that is so simple and so genius, yet so indulgent. I'm giving this sweet treat 4.5 ghosts!

Black Dog Gelato

859 N. Damen
Chicago, IL 60622

1955 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657

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Glazed & Infused
Five locations throughout Chicago

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  1. I read about this and so wanted to go! How expensive were they?

    1. The maple bacon was a little pricier (and bigger) at $8, while the red velvet and the two others were $6!


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