Osteria Langhe in Logan Square

April 28, 2015

You guys. I've found one of my favorite new restaurants in Chicago. You know when you go out to eat and literally everything tastes phenomenal? It's like you struck gold! That's how I felt when I went on a triple date to Logan Square's Osteria Langhe. The intimate Piemontese restaurant is not your typical red sauce Italian joint.

Osteria Langhe's menu is constantly changing and is divided into antipasti, secondi, and dolci. There are some items that are menu staples, but you're bound to have new options everytime you dine. Our group shared several small plates and each ordered our own entrees.

To start, we shared the Brussels sprouts, plin, and polipo. If there's one dish Osteria Langhe is known for, it's probably the plin. These were described to us as pasta "Gushers". They're small pasta pockets with la tur and parmesan cheese, thyme and butter that burst in your mouth when you take a bite. You know, like Gushers. Holy crap they are good! Don't be fooled by the smaller portion. These babies are rich.

Plin: Hand Pinched Ravioli, La Tur, Parmesan, Thyme, Butter
The Brussels sprouts featured Italian sausage, red pepper flakes, and black olives. Super tasty and our excuse to eat more pasta. Gotta get those veggies right?

Cavolini: Brussels Sprouts, Italian Sausage, Red Pepper Flakes, Black Olives
The polpio, or grilled octopus, may have been my favorite in the city. It seems you can find grilled octopus just about anywhere, but Osteria Langhe's version is divine. It also doesn't hurt that's it's served with pork belly. 

Polipo: Grilled Octopus with Pork Belly
For our main course, we each ordered quite different options, which just goes to show you there's something on the menu for everyone. The BF ordered a handmade pasta dish that actually resembled the plin a bit. Except it didn't burst in your mouth like the "Gushers" pasta. Unfortunately, this isn't on the current menu, but he loved it. Cheesy pasta. Nothing better.

House Made Pasta
I based my order off some reviews I had read prior to my visit. I'm a researcher by trade so I try to read up before I eat up! My selection was the coniglio, braised rabbit with bell peppers, pork belly, and crispy potatoes. OK, at first I was a little apprehensive about eating rabbit, but OMG was it delicious. It was super tender and mild, and I loved how the pork belly really rounded out the dish. This is one of the menu staples so I highly recommend trying it!

Coniglio: Braised Rabbit and Bell Peppers, Pork Belly, Crispy Potatoes
Osteria Langhe offers a daily risotto and the night we were there it was a black truffle risotto. Those three words together are music to my ears. They certainly didn't skimp on the truffles!

Black Truffle Risotto
Another menu staple, the anatra, or pan roasted duck breast, is served with cocoa dusted foie gras (WHAT?!), caramel apples, and sunchoke puree. They couldn't stop at pan roasted duck, they had to add in decadent cocoa dusted foie gras! 

Anatra: Pan Roasted Duck Breast, Cocoa Dusted Foie Gras, Caramel Apples, Sunchoke Puree
If you're not feeling super adventurous, there also are a few more traditional options on the menu. The tajarin is a hearty portion of house made noodles with meat ragu. The noodles had a great bite and the ragu was super flavorful.

Tajarin: House Made Noodles, Meat Ragu
Overall, I feel lucky to have found such a fabulous restaurant like Osteria Langhe. It would be a great place for dinner with friends, or even to take out your parents, or the in-laws (they'd be impressed, they told me).

I'm giving Osteria Langhe 4.5 ghosts out of 5! Get there...now!

Osteria Langhe
2824 W. Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
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