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November 11, 2013

As any Chicagoan knows, there's always a massive selection of brunch options to choose from. This can be a little daunting when it comes time for a hangover brunch and you're so hungry you'd eat a shoe. I definitely have a hard time selecting a weekend brunch spot and end up falling into the trap of visiting a handful of favorites. However, this past weekend I tried something new.

I had just run a 10 mile race along Chicago's lakefront, so you better believe I was ready to eat. The BF and I headed north to Tweet, a breakfast spot in Uptown. The restaurant is connected to the bar Big Chicks, which is open for customers while they're waiting for a table at Tweet. We had to wait 35 minutes for a table at about 11:30 on a Saturday, go figure. I was kept happy with coffee and board games inside the bar, including an intense staring session with a giant Where's Waldo book.

After our quoted wait, we heard our name over the restaurant speaker system and were told to "come on down!" We were seated and immediately greeted with a plate of homemade sweet breads. The chocolate chip variety was reminiscent of those Entenmann's mini muffins I had as as kid so I immediately had a sense of nostalgia. It was a cute welcome to the restaurant.

Chocolate Chip Sweet Bread
Nearly every dish on Tweet's massive menu includes a fresh fruit cup which I always appreciate. The quality and amount of fruit was fabulous and made for a nice appetizer of sorts. Our server was extremely friendly and attentive and noticed me wearing my race bib so he rushed those fruit cups out for us!

Fruit Cups
For brunch, the BF chose one of the six breakfast burrito options, Numero Tres. This big boy included chorizo, eggs and chihuahua cheese, all nicely folded inside a tomato-basil tortilla.

Numero Tres Breakfast Burrito
I was feeling up for some eggs as well so I went with one of Tweet's signature entrees, the Heavenly Havarti Omelette. It included a generous portion of Danish Havarti cheese and sauteed granny smith apples. I loved the creaminess of the cheese combined with the tart apples. It also came with the option of hash browns or a small salad, so I chose the salad. The portion was enormous! It nearly overtook the plate but their house vinaigrette was so yummy I didn't mind one bit.

Heavenly Havarti Omelette
To sum it up, Tweet offered a fun, lively atmosphere when you're looking to unwind over the weekend. The staff there was so friendly and cheerful that it really made you feel happy to be there. Yes, you will probably have to wait, but there are BOARD GAMES and COFFEE to keep you company. I'm giving Tweet 4 ghosts for their awesome staff, huge portions and fun ambiance!

5020 N. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60640
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