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October 3, 2010

Kacey and Ellen at The Cupcake Gallery Truck
The problem (or most amazing thing ever) with working in the loop, is that there is never a shortage of food truck visits close to the office. Whether it's sandwiches or sweets, I'm a sucker for a food truck. When my co-worker Kacey informed me that there was a cupcake truck nearby, I already had my wallet in hand. I had already tried a cupcake from the Flirty Cupcakes' "Big Blue" truck, but had never even heard of The Cupcake Gallery's truck.

A brisk five minute walk led me and two co-workers to The Cupcake Gallery truck. Admittedly, the truck was easy to miss and we nearly walked right pass. We were the first ones to arrive at the truck and had all flavors available to us. Kacey and I went with the 'Chocotella'- a chocolate cake filled with Nutella, while Ellen tried a classic, Red Velvet.

We walked back to the office on this unusually warm fall day, as we watched our frosting slowly melt in its plastic cup. The Cupcake Gallery frosts its cupcakes to order but unfortunately, ours had mostly melted by the time we returned.

I opted to eat mine with a fork and although it didn't look like the prettiest cupcake ever, it tasted like heaven. This tiny cake packed a rich, gooey, punch. As if a Nutella center weren't enough, the cream cheese frosting made for a not-too-sweet finish. Don't let the size of these cupcakes fool you; I was beyond full, post-stuffing my face.
Our Red Velvet and Chocotella cupcakes
I definitely recommend getting out of your cubicle and tracking down the cupcake truck. Try one of their gluten free or vegan cupcakes, or simply choose one from their massive list of flavors. The Cupcake Gallery also has a brick and mortar store where you can grab a tasty treat. Follow @WeBakeCupcakes to find out if the truck is stopping near you! If it weren't for the melted frosting, I'd give this cupcake a 5, but for now, 4 stars!

 The Cupcake Gallery
1319 W. Wilson
Chicago, IL 60640
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