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September 19, 2010

You know how good you feel when you finally find that one great ethnic restaurant in your city? It's as if a weight has been lifted and you have your go-to take out and/or weekend restaurant? That's how I felt about Sapori Trattoria, a Lincoln Park Italian eatery.

I have only been to Sapori with my friend Sara, so when she happened to be in town, we both knew exactly where we would be having dinner!

It was Friday night and the tiny dining room was packed--good thing I made a reservation (take note!). We got a cute window table and started with the Crostini Di Avocado. Simple ingredients- avocado, parmesan, tomato and provolone were combined with olive oil and citrus to create a fresh alternative to bruschetta. Although tricky to eat, this was absolutely deee-lish! Who doesn't love cheese and avocado (topped with fresh basil?!).
Crostini Di Avocado
One of the main reasons that Sara and I are constantly drawn back time and time again, is the handmade pasta selections. Warning: after eating handmade pasta, you will forever be spoiled and dislike all things Barilla. Sara and I both jumped at the opportunity to order our favorite dishes off the menu, so when they arrived, we couldn't wait to dig in!

Cappellacci di Zucca
Sara ordered the Cappellacci di Zucca which consisted of handmade pasta stuffed with pumpkin in a butter sauce. The pasta was topped with butternut squash, sage and pinenuts. I had the chance to sample this dish and it was like butter melting in your mouth. The delicate pasta had so much flavor and the pumpkin filling was not at all too sweet. 

Cappellacci all'Aragosta
My choice was the Cappellacci all'Aragosta, another handmade pasta stuffed with lobster and fresh seafood served with a creamy pink sauce. This dish featured similar ravioli-type pasta with a flavorful seafood mix. The filling was fresh and not too fishy and was complimented well by the thick cream sauce. Each bite was melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness!

Needless to say, we both finished everything on our plates, making sure to savor every last bit of sauce with the bread on our table. A meal at Sapori can be a bit pricey if you go on a weekend, however, there are many perks that come with signing up for their mailing list. Post-meal, add your info to their mailing list and expect to receive birthday (and half birthday!) gift certificates and cards. Plus, Monday nights at Sapori offer:
2 Appetizers, 2 Soup/Salad, 3 Entrees & Dessert for only $20.95 per person- a total steal and the plan of action I took on my first occasion eating there. Mondays allow ample opportunity to sample many of Sapori's dishes as well. If you're looking to impress out-of-town guests, or just want an alternative to the typical Olive Garden meal, try Sapori Trattoria and you'll never go back to Barilla! 5 stars all the way!

Sapori Trattoria
2701 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60614

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