Pho & I...Hoard the Peanut Sauce!

June 27, 2010

My roommate and I decided to head back to one of our neighborhood favorites, Pho & I, for some cheap Friday night eats. Pho & I is fairly new to the Lakeview area, and is the sister restaurant to Duck Walk in Lakeview and Lincoln Park.

We started our dinner off with the hard-to-resist crab rangoon (you can never go wrong) and their fresh spring rolls filled with shrimp, vermicelli noodles, mint, lettuce and tofu with a delicious peanut sauce. These were so incredibly fresh and crunchy and the mint was a nice refreshing touch! I really liked how they used large fresh shrimp, instead of smaller, frozen shrimp. Really tasty!

For our main course, we both tried the chicken "Bun" which is a traditional Vietnamese rice vermicelli dish. Ours came filled in a bowl with dark meat chicken, mint, bean sprouts, lettuce, scallion and ground peanuts. The dish also comes with a side of their homemade tangy sauce. I liked how the dish was light and non-greasy but I had to put a heaping amount of sriracha and peanut sauce on it to make it flavorful. If you're looking for a lighter option, then this is definitely it!

For the area, you really can't beat the price of a meal at Pho & I. You can get two appetizers and two entrees for around $25! I highly recommend Pho & I if you're looking for a more adventurous, but cheap dinner option. Pho & I also features many Thai entrees that are also on the menu at its sister restaurant. To be honest, we usually just come here for the amazing house peanut sauce on each table (bring a large purse!) 4 Stars for the food, incredible value, and selection of chick flicks playing on the in-restaurant flat screen :)!

Pho & I
2932 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657

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