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March 8, 2014

I know I'm not the only one who finds the task of planning what to cook during the week to be a hassle. Not only do you have to plan ahead and/or find a recipe, you also have to shop for ingredients. When Chicago-based meal delivery service Home Chef (formerly known as Relished) offered to send me a sample box of ingredients and recipes to try making at home, I jumped at the opportunity. I love to cook but I definitely get stuck creating the same recipes over and over.

Home Chef sends one box per week to subscribers, complete with fresh ingredients to prepare three meals for two, four, or six people. This eliminates the need to look for recipes and make a trip to the grocery store. Each meal includes easy step-by-step recipes for creating the meals that even the worst cooks would find easy to follow.

My box of food included recipes for Pan Seared Strip Steak, Sauteed Shrimp and Baby Spinach Salad, and Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken with Cavatappi Pasta. Unfortunately, my package was missing the ingredients to prepare the side dish for the steak, however, I was able to make the other two dishes. I had tried a similar meal delivery service in the past called PeachDish but I felt these recipes were a lot easier to prepare. Because of their simplicity, I felt they could easily be recreated again, and gave me inspiration for other recipes I could try at home.

Check out some step-by-step photos of the meals below!

If you're interested in trying Home Chef for yourself, head over to HomeChef.com and check out their latest menu!

Have you ever tried a meal delivery service such as Home Chef?

Note: my meals from Home Chef were complimentary, however, opinions expressed herein are my own.

Home Chef

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