The "Fountain of You"

October 29, 2012

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Coca-Cola, however, all opinions and comments are my own.
I was recently invited to try the relatively new Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine, a drink machine with the clever tagline, "The Fountain of You". The drink machine boasts over 125 different varieties of Coca-Cola products, with the option to mix and match flavor combinations. There are even drink varieties unavailable elsewhere. The machine first appeared in 2009, but has recently been popping up all over the country. In Chicago, I've seen these machines at Noodles & Company, Five Guys and Foodease but had never checked it out.

The BF and I headed over to try a Freestyle machine at a Noodles & Company location in Lakeview and stepped right up to pick our poison(s).

The Coca-Cola Freestyle
The machine has quite the variety of drink options. Even if you're not a fan of soda (or pop--if you will) you can try a variety of flavored waters, sports drinks, lemonades and juices, all at the touch of a full-color screen.

Flavored Water Options
Flavored Powerade ZERO

Over 125 Different Drinks
After placing your cup under the spigot and pushing for ice, you are free to create your own thirst-quenching concoction!

Place your cup and push for ice

Push to select your drink

So many options!

We ended up creating quite a few combinations including Cherry Coke Zero, Diet Coke mixed with Raspberry Diet Coke and Vanilla Diet Coke, Peach-flavored Dasani water, Sprite Zero Peach and Diet Cherry Coke.

Cherry Coke Zero and Diet Coke with Raspberry and Vanilla

Cherry Diet Coke and Peach Dasani
It was fun to be able to mix and match different flavors, and I especially loved the variety of fruit options, especially peach. The Coca-Cola Freestyle machine gets 4 stars for being the first of its kind as far as drink machines go and offering a variety of beverages for soda lovers and haters alike. They even thought to put handicap buttons toward the bottom of the machine, so it's really an equal-opportunity drink apparatus.

Have you tried a Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine? If so, what's your favorite drink combo?

To find your closest Freestyle Machine, head here.

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