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July 18, 2012

Recently, several of my college friends paid a visit to Chicago, leading to many drinks out and meals shared. Our last meal together came in the form of brunch at 2 Sparrows. Located on the cusp of the Lincoln Park/Lakeview intersection of Clark and Diversey, 2 Sparrows is a popular Sunday brunch destination. I had heard mixed reviews of the restaurant but never had a chance to visit until a few weekends ago. Normally, there can be quite a bit of a wait for Sunday brunch, however, our party of 7 arrived around 10am and had no wait (score!). 

I fell in love with the ambiance at 2 Sparrows. It evenly balanced a "mod" look, with a farmhouse feel from reclaimed wooden beams. As is the trend, 2 Sparrows features local ingredients in its ever-changing menu. Our group tried a wide variety of items on the short menu. 

Overall, while I did enjoy the coffee (Chicago's own Metropolis) and we had great service, I felt the food portions and flavor were lacking. 2 Sparrows is quite a pricy brunch spot and one of the dishes we had was so tiny it looked half-eaten! We tried their famous maple bacon donut, but I have to say it didn't stand a chance next to the same variety from Do-Rite Donuts.

I'd recommend visiting one of the many other brunch spots in the area, especially for the price. 2 Sparrows gets 3.5 stars for its pleasant space and great coffee but a lack of hearty portions and unique flavors to warrant a hefty price tag. While I was happy I at least tried 2 Sparrows, it is unlikely I will return. I consider Sunday brunch a weekend treat and unfortunately I'll be enjoying that treat elsewhere in the future.

Check out the photos below for a sampling of the brunch entrees we tried!

Tesa Sandwich: biscuit, tesa bacon, sunny side egg, pickled onions, roasted potatoes

French Toast: brioche, apples, whipped cream & fresh maple syrup

Parisian Gnocchi: gnocchi, asparagus, tesa, poached eggs, hollandaise

Chilaquiles: tortilla chips, tomatillo salsa, 2 sunny side eggs, queso fresco
Shrimp & Grits Etouffee: grilled shrimp, creamy grits, etouffee sauce, braised greens
Buttermilk Pancakes: honey mascarpone, rhubarb compote & fresh maple syrup
2 Sparrows
553 W. Diversey
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 234-2320

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