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December 5, 2010

A typical Chicago Saturday night warrented some not-so-typical fare. Instead of going to one of the countless Thai and Sushi joints on that famous strip of Clark street, my friends and I opted for the not-always-popular option of Indian food.

The Lincoln Park outpost of Hema's Kitchen (there's also one on Devon, of course!) is nothing fancy inside, but the food certainly makes up for it. The menu is is very user-friendly for Indian novices and experts alike. Everything is served a la carte, as is typical at most Indian restaurants.

Our table decided on helpings of Tandoori Chicken and Eggplant with sides of basmati rice and garlic naan bread. Our food arrived quickly and piping hot and I looked on in amazement as we dug in. Our dishes were not too heavy and perfectly spicy. I didn't feel like the dish was drowning in sauce and the consistency paired well atop a bed of basmati rice.

Now, if I'm at an Indian restaurant, you better believe that I'm judging them based upon their naan bread. The garlic and plain versions that we tried at Hema's were doughy and oozing with bursts of fresh garlic flavor.

If you're looking to expand your ethnic food repetoire, head into Hema's and you'll be glad you did. I had heard good things from others who had dined there, and now I know why it's a favorite among ethnic food lovers. Step aside Clark St. sushi joint, you have some new competition!
Hema's Kitchen gets 4 stars for their flavorful dishes and fresh ingredients.

Hema's Kitchen
2411 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60614

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  1. Love Hema's Kitchen! We started going there after Gandhi (also on Devon) closed. One memorable evening was a night in December and a group, I assume they were Indian and from the neighborhood, were sitting at a table in the back and singing Christmas Carols. Quite charming.
    The food and service are outstanding. My last visit I spoke to Hema about getting a combination appetizer platter on the menu. Other than that it is perfect. I wish she'd open another one in my neighborhood.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed Hema's Kitchen as well, Bruce! It's always nice to support local businesses, especially when they are family-owned.


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